Team Proto

Design Better with Faster Feedback from Sketches

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Design User Interface on your mobile has never been easier

Team Proto is an user interface design tool on your mobile device. It helps team with UI prototyping, presentation, and documentation. It turns handwriting sketches into interactive mockups or storyboard, which help obtain feedback in a faster way.

Simple and Powerful

Feature Highlight

Powerful Scanning

Scan your sketches into mobile phone easily

No need to worry about not capturing drawings in the right angle. We will adjust it for you. Multiple sketches on one sheet? No problem! Our specialized algorithm helps scanning multiple sketches at the same time.

Interactive Prototype

Trying out user experience has never been so convenient. You no longer need to guess how potential users think about your app with only the design drawings. Team Proto supports wide range of interactions and gestures, giving a close to real experience to validate your design ideas.


Never miss the forest for the trees. Keeping pages of design drawings can be troublesome. Our storyboard feature comes to help. You can easily get an overview of how screens are organized and linkages between each page.

Easy to share via Dropbox

We enjoy teamwork. So we like helping others working together better. With Dropbox support, you can share your design with teammates with just a few taps.